Thank you for your interest in our Secondlife group that focuses on promoting FitMesh Technology items and items that enhance your avatar in Secondlife.

Established in February 2016 the group has grown to be one of the biggest and most active within SL with almost 26K members and  over 300 of the best designers and store names.   We are blessed with a team of knowledeable  Moderators  & Bloggers who are always willing to help.

FitMesh Fanatics & AESL 2018 Logo

Our Mods travel the grid to find our members the best offers,  MM Boards, Lucky Chairs/Boards, Price Drop Boards, Group Join Gifts and post them in Chat and we really encourage our members to do the same so we all share in those amazing Gem’s.  Before posting remember no links in chat are allowed and we suggest you check out our guidelines [HERE]


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