BOM (Bakes On Mesh)


(Information resource from Strawberry Singh)

Project BakesOnMesh is a new feature that will allow system avatar baked textures to be shown on mesh attachments. That means that textures such as skins, tattoos, cosmetics, underwear, clothing, and even alpha layers could be used on mesh body parts, that have been setup for BakesOnMesh, in the same way as system layer clothing is applied to classic avatars. So basically it will make your mesh body parts behave like they are classic system avatars.

Here is some more information about Project BakesOnMesh which I got from the Feedback Thread on the forums:

Basic Features

  • Any face of a mesh object can be textured using one of the server baked textures.
  • The corresponding region of the system avatar is hidden if an attached mesh is using a baked texture.


  • Avoid the need for appliers -> easier customization workflow
  • Avoid the need for onion avatars -> fewer meshes, fewer textures at display time
  • Avoid the need to sell full-perm meshes. You can customize any mesh you have modify permissions for simply by setting the flags and equipping the appropriate wearables.


Thanks to Strawberry for that  information – I have also sourced some other useful information links that may help you when you decide to take that leap…

A Quick beginners Guide

Getting started with Bakes on mesh in Second Life Video

Second Life Viewer requirements and Release Notes

Bakes on mesh getting started by Novata

Second Life Community Forum – Bakes on Mesh by Jeremy Linden

Hope that helps a little. Gem xx





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