Chat Guidelines

Our group chat is enabled anytime you join our group. Count on us to bring fun and friendly chat regarding all things fashion and for enhancing your avatar.

Our moderators monitor chat and ensure members follow the rules. Many of our members jump in and help when someone has a question about anything fashion, application or even problems they are having so please ask away !
Be Respectful:
We encourage positive comments related to all things fashion. Disrespect will not be tolerated and could result in temporary or permanent banning from our group. Criticism or anything that will lower moral within the group or anything that is said which is negative towards a person product, designer or event is not acceptable in group chat.
Chat posts:
Tell us about fashion items for men and women, furries and other creatures in Secondlife! No Self promoting  in Chat unless you have Designer Status.  No malls/Outlet/events/Sale Groups or their items mentioned in Chat please (even if you are not mentioning it is a group Sale offer or the Group name). If you are not sure it is accepted, then ask if a moderator is on and IM them with the store name and item. No external links other than Gyazo allowed in chat under any circumstances.  Posting time between chat notices for members (designers have their own rules) is 60 minutes.
It’s easy to share your favorite fashion finds with our group! Your post is just as important as anyone’s but please follow these guidelines to make it easy for everyone to follow and find.
Store name & group- is it free and needed for the gift or offer?
Short description of the item- frees, offers, sales, prizes from lucky chairs, midnight and letter boards
Store slurl – copy and paste the entire link to the store location, this can be found in your TP history or in the search bar at the top of the Secondlife page.

For the safety of our members we only allow Marketplace links in this group and ONLY in Notifications by approved designers never in chat – no other external links are allowed including Flickr in Notifications. Genuine MP links will always start like this….. and not http:// and never contain ‘altervista’ in the link.  An old link but solid tips from Firestorm’s Wiki [HERE}

We do however allow Gyazo links in Chat for both Members and Mods where a snapshot will assist in helping an Avi fitting or rezzing issue or to show a group gift location or item style.  Please use only when necessary and keep PG or you will be ejected from the group immediately

Don’t forget to be respectful: – we encourage positive comments related to all

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