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Thank you for your interest in joining our exciting group that focuses on promoting all types of Fashion items in Secondlife including fitMesh technology & avatar enhancements.   It is our aim to bring bargain hunters the latest offers, promotions and free items YOUR store and event exclusives!

We want to offer our members great quality items from the best Designers in Secondlife and will grant posting rights to creative fashion designers we feel meet our expectations. We welcome applications from designers who have at least 10 different FitMesh technology based fashion items or 10 quality avatar advancement items of their trade and offer a quality gift to our members to encourage them to their store.  Please note that we don’t automatically approve every designer that applies even if they meet all our criteria – we carefully choose only the premier creators in Secondlife who produce the most original textures and creative designs to present to our members.

To apply complete follow the following steps…..

1. Join our group.

2. Subscribe to our Designer messenger service {here} 

3. Collect our Group Join Board from the kiosk next to the subscribo board while you are there and put it in a prominent position in your store alongside your FREE (no charge) exclusive FitMesh Fanatics & Avatar Enhancements Group Gift (which must be changed at least every 6 months – please send a Full Perm texture to Gem Miklos so your item can be spammed in group and added to our Group Gift Tab)

4.   Read and agree (you do so when you submit your application) to our designer Guidelines {here}

5. Copy and paste the following Application Form into an in-world notecard. Complete it and send to Gem Miklos and wait to hear from her.   If you send your application to any other member of staff it will delay your application and it may even result in it not being processed at all.   Depending on our backlog your application can up to 14 days to complete so please don’t chase us before then.

NB Title Your Notecard Designer Tag for FF & AESL for [Your Store Name Here]

Store Name :
Avatar Calling Card:
Store Landmark (Drop LM here please – no pasted SLUrls)
Todays Date :                                         Have you put out our Group Join Board: Yes/No      Have you put out your FitMesh Fanatics & AESL Group Gift: Yes/No
Have you joined our Group: Yes/No        Have you joined our subscribo: Yes/No
Name of Avatar posting rights to be given to: (one per store) :


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