Mesh Bodies & Heads

Investing in a Mesh Body, Mesh Head or Bento item is probably one of the biggest  single cost item and most important investment you will make in Secondlife and with that comes the fear of the unknown and that ‘ I’ll never be able to understand how to do this or even choose which one is best for me ‘ feeling.

It’s a really daunting step to make and choosing the ‘best’ option for you cant be learnt from any blog or web pages but they do provide a valuable insight into the pros and cons of each brand and the ease of use.  Another consideration you have to build in as well as the initial cost of the mesh body and/or head is the availability and cost of the add-ons if you choose not to use the options that are included in the packages (ie skins, make up, nail colours etc).  Some brands are far more available grid wide than others so take some time to research this (especially clothes & skins) when you have made a shortlist of the bodies you like.

A good place to start BEFORE you even start getting Demo’s is to understand how different the system of wearing and ‘dressing’ a mesh body is to that of a system body and there are a few amazing videos that show that far better than words so grab a coffee and watch these vids made by

I would strongly suggest you go DEMO shopping and grab all available demos, try them all on and test them for a few days.  Comparing them together this way will instantly tell you which body type you like and also which hud system you find easier to use.  When you have a shortlist then its time to start doing some deeper research into skins and accessories because this is where creating your unique look will happen (especially when buying a mesh/bento head).   This part is really the fun part and matching up skins with lips colours and mesh eyes and beauty spots had me in my dream place for days !!!

Click for links to a list of female bodies , female heads,  male bodies , male heads and I have stolen a great guide from Catwa for female Omega  skins & make ups/add ons to help you get started [HERE] and male [HERE].  For Bento female & Male heads check out our list at the bottom of the page [HERE]

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