Gypsy Mohindi (thatgypsy) – CEO

Born in Secondlife October 2013 although the “game” just didn’t appeal to me and I didn’t play again until early 2014. Luckily when I returned, I met 7 people who became my core group, we founded Kindle music and social club in SL and successfully ran it for a year and a half. The club folded when RL called some of them away but we have plans to open again someday. I owe much of my SL success to Ron Mohindi, the love of my slife and supportive partner of nearly 3 years.

Gypsy Profile Pic august 2017

SL took a different direction when fashion of SL became my passion. Naturally friendly and gregarious, I enjoyed chatting with the designers and owners of the stores. One store in particular was GeMyles Couture which stood apart from the rest in quality, color, creative designs, and friendly atmosphere in a store that felt like a home to me. When I went there daily, I discovered that Myles had a quick wit and kindness that he extended to everyone.

I wore the GeMyles outfits and talked to customers in the store and soon became hooked on customer service and soon became part of the team.  I am happy and honored to be Development Manager at GeMyles Couture.

Myles & Gem formed the FitMesh Fanatics group in February 2016  and I  was was appointed the role of CEO  where I manage an array of tasks from Staff  management to  recruitment and  quality control administration of notices..  I am wildly excited that the group has grown to 19,000+ members and over 225 designers but am confident that the best is yet to come……..


Tια™ ღ (jordynnightly) – Senior Mod

Hi, Meshies!!  I’m Tia and the Senior Fitmesh Fanatics moderator.

I am a bit of a dork I love music and I am usually floating about in SL as a fairy.   I am three years young in SL and this is the place to be your most creative and live out your fantasies… elf ears and all lol.   I like music all kinds and even play the harp while I am perusing Marketplace and writing notecards in my downtime.

T Bike Painty looking


I also have a blast drifting on my motorcycles and most importantly, I love love LOVE bacon.   My dream is a fitmesh bacon dress lol.


I am probably the least quiet, never shy and one photographer once referred to me as “Hurricane Tia” despite my size.
I love helping people and encouraging them to open up their creative minds and be their own true selves on SL. Hope to see you around!


тαzєя (donnaj.firehawk)

pink tazer


Hi ! I am Tazer . I am friendly and easy going , I am a bit shy until i get to know people.


My time in SL is spent mostly being land Manager.  I also enjoy my horses  I am also a moderator of a pretty amazing group.  I am also a Vamp, I enjoy helping people when i can as well.



ƃʎdsʎɐuu (gypsyann) 

Snapshot _ Binemust, Binemust (107, 69, 935) - Adult



People who don’t know me think I’m quiet, people who know me wish I was…..and I Only trust people who like big butts, they cannot lie.

I’m NOT Weird…….I’m  just a ” Limited Edition ” and Hanging in SL since 2012.





Hi, my name is Tiger. I am too many things, to try to label them all into a small bio.

Snapshot _ The SL Botanical Gardens, The Botanical Gardens (19,


Some of my more predominant traits are helping people, my wacky sense of humor, and standing for what I believe in, even if it gets me into trouble. Honesty is always the best policy. In SL I like to do a wide variety of things. From creating dancers to exploring sims, Fashion Hunting, and Nascar racing.




Mřŝ Řåğë (teraseta)

Hello, my name is teraseta and I have been in Second Life since 2016.

terasetaI was there for a short time but didn’t feel like it fit me then. Within the last year, I have been on it daily.

My Favorite thing to do here in SL is to Shop, Lucky Chairs, Midnight Mania’s and meeting new people. One thing about being in second life is to help others that are in need when they need the help. I am a nice and helpful person and will protect my SL Family. If I don’t know the answer to something, I will definitely find out the answer to any question possible.


If you think you have something to add to our team and would like to become a group Moderator them please click [HERE] for more information.

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