Omega Appliers

The number of mesh bodies and prim body parts are growing constantly in Secondlife and it is almost impossible (and costly) for Designers to continue producing Appliers for every one.

Then along came OMEGA !

OMEGA is an universal Applier System that allows you to use ONE applier hud to apply clothing, skins, make up, tattoos, hair bases etc to SEVERAL mesh body brand attachments. Here is the current list of brands who support the Omega system

So how does Omega work?

Omega is a screen worn hud (specific to your brand) that converts any huds made with the Omega brand to your specific mesh body or attachment. Each brand has their own way of building and ordering their layers and the scripts have to be build accordingly.

Where to get your Omega Applier?

Love-N-Lust produce individual Omega kits for specific brands which can be purchase in two ways.

1. Marketplace for 99L$
2.  In-World .  Please make sure you purchase the kit ONLY for your mesh attachment. There will be an option to pay 1L$ for Group members

*. Rezz and unpack your purchase.
*. Follow your creators installation instructions here

You can now use any designers ‘OMEGA’ Applier Hud on your mesh attachment and you have now opened up a whole new base of possible outfits in Secondlife. Enjoy !

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