Both Born in Secondlife in early 2008 Gem & Bob (Myles’ original Avi)  met within a few months and spent their early days at Help Island from where their first venture began.

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New resident were encouraged to visit their FREE one click makeover store and help center when there weren’t many facilities for new residents.   A new shape, skin, hair and clothes were given along with helpful packs on how to do basics things  (like changing clothes, editing your profile etc), where to go and tips on how to settle quickly into the secondlife life! This developed into running a successful store alongside ‘you by Gem Miklos’ before Gem took a real life break from Secondlife.

During her break Myles ran another fashion store ‘Virtual Life’ gaining new skills keeping up with new mesh technology whilst exploring Secondlife.   Returning in 2011 photography became Gem’s new business passion until they partnered and started GeMyles Couture together in early 2014 which has grown a store group of over 4K and  specialises in affordable quality complete oufits.

FitMesh Fanatics was launched in February 2015 and has 20K + members and  over 225 designers which led nicely to its affiliated event FitMesh Designers Expose which they launched in September 2016 and ran for over a year before passing it on as a gift to some loyal staff members in order to  focus on a new venture in 2018.

Avatar Enhancements SL is their latest expansion and comes as a result of being being asked to start a well  controlled and continually developing group that covers all aspects of the fashion industry in Secondlife.


Myles 9

” My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.

”Myles Harvy


Gem July 17

” Why do I log into Secondlife? Well, is all about feeding my creativity and meeting like-minded people – running multiple businesses in the fashion industry in Secondlife really fulfills both of these needs for me and makes everyday a new fresh exciting one “

Gem Miklos


If you have any questions about our store, any of our groups or event please drop us a notecard in-world.

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