Warning Procedure

We do appreciate that you will be promoting your creations in many groups in Secondlife and it easy to make mistakes when simply copy/pasting from one group to another and there is nothing we dislike more than having to give warnings to our valued designers when they break our guidelines but we have in place a fair system that allows each designer two errors before we revoke notice rights.

Please note that, whilst harsh, with over 225 designers we do not have the time to administer and monitor verbal warning so you will only ever get notecards from us showing clearly what guideline and when your are getting the warning for.

These are as follows…

1. First Warning
2. Final Notice
3. Designer Rights Removed Notice.

After notice rights have been removed and you continue to do chat notices you will get the following warning to stop or you will be ejected from the group fully without further communication.

4. Pre Ejection Notice

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